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On today's stream of consciousness

- A librarian who knows what he's done is "not the precedent on how this stuff is handled" (because precedent already exists) nevertheless commits one of the ugliest of deeds in any field. (Or parking lot - it's not the sort of atrocity that works well indoors.) I mean, if you're going to prove my point on burning books... thanks?

- Holy crap, your AI's plaid.

- Huh. So even if the less immediate answer is the truth, the listener's perception is that the quicker answer is not a lie? I'll take the time I need, thanks. (By the way, I wonder how that perception is applied to those who took longer than others to ask the tough questions in the first place.)

- So the bees never changed their method of analyzing information, but the researchers hadn't asked the right questions before coming up with their assessment on the behavior of animals that can't speak for themselves? Like, OMG, they totally cheated, and are totally responsible for the humans' screwing up. (You don't deserve bees, and Sherlock is ashamed of you.)

- This is the first piece I've read from an outlet showing how it's been affected by recent WTF-ery. Glad to see that it has options outside Mr. Dalek's Neighborhood.

- Yikes. I didn't expect an answer to my "which coast" question so soon.

- Speaking of that coast, I wonder if proponents of defunding over there support this action. If the effect of defunding police is a reduced ability to counter crime, and a person is not permitted to defend oneself and others in the absence of police, who benefits? (I know, different city. Same coast, same idea. When's the rerun coming on?)

- Choosing which article to link to certain terms is proving difficult; however, still keeping an eye on 吵扰 敌害. (Have I already asked why the translation I want for the second term in the earlier sequence is Option 2 in the IME, 微软?)

- Mad that your 金融家 no longer need you, mouse?

- Ending with this because I wonder how it compares to actual potatoes.

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