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On using what one gets

Something I read in a mildly heretical pop lit book (a bit that, if I remember correctly, didn't make it into the movie) was, I found, rather formative - along the lines of 'the answer already exists within one's environment; all that's needed is to find it.' (Spoiler alert: after being locked in an office to prevent access to a priest, a Buddhist raised by a Catholic called the priest using the office phone. Which had the priest's number on speed dial. Cackling.)

Despite the title, I feel my neck relaxes at reading this, though I disagree on the issue being a lack of movement. What I see is movement in the wrong direction. I spoke of answers already existing within one's environment to protest the erasure of material from a culture's past rather than augmenting it with missing information, eliminating that material rather than providing interpretations that fit current events or including (not replacing with) contemporary texts that fit those events. Humans follow enough of a pattern that modern problems, as well as potential fixes, are recognizable in older literature as well as newer.

Also, I spoke of education and employment last time, and remembered an example from earlier this year that hits both birds. How many have undergone this phenomenon of taking out people (a coach in the above case) who, without any newly-developed dictum to back them, helped those around them earn what they get regardless of color?

This isn't immobility, it's not even pruning - it's destruction, and it's not wrong to expect better than this.

- Might as well make myself laugh with this cancel culture mess - this one's got all the -isms; you lot canceling this as well? Oh, oh, OMG, cancel this one too - it's totally ableist!

- Ending with this because pineapple on pizza's sounding like a much better prospect. (Also good with spaghetti and hotdogs.)

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