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On view versus spin

Still repeating that mentality mantra? All right then.

Speaking for myself, my views are shaped by what I learned in independent study. Considering the amount of say any outsider has in a 国's written language (why's it option 2 in the IME?), as long as it's still there 微软 (and it still is), I'm on red alert. Also, a reminder of the myriad examples of a 政权's treatment of its neighbors, who have no need of outside prompting to draw their own conclusions.

1. "unipolar hegemony is unpopular"

  • "no plans for a base" sounds like the manmade islands that have a primarily civilian use.

  • if I understand an earlier example correctly, A and C enter into agreement. B and C enter into separate agreement. Both agreements stipulate that A and B may not discuss their individual agreements with C. Looks rather unipolar for C to me, and like the point in here about pants. (Huh. I wonder if any articles enumerated in here - 6, for example - would have a similarity to bilateral agreements in the earlier example I'd read.)

2. "group confrontation has no future"

3. "small yards and high walls are closed and regressive"

4. "decoupling and cutting off supply is detrimental to people and themselves"

Adding this much-appreciated analysis because I keep bumping into a writer who's as much inclined to repetition as the north-western neighbor she supports. I'm entirely willing to say they're not in the least backwards. They have the audacity to steal technology, the capacity to understand what they replicate, and the patience to infiltrate over decades. Along those lines, condolences due to the blameless in the net; however, if one country's the threat, then it's no surprise that its citizens are the ones under examination, and population percentages make race a weak excuse - though for this publication, a common one - to counter the investigation.

Adding this because I wonder if it's an example that represents a widespread culture within the company in question (shelving wokeness along with that motto, Meph?).

Adding this because she deserves better for taking the risk to get the news out to a country that's edging into tributary status ("years yet" fit yet?).

Adding this bit of a weather eye on platforms whose use I limit or avoid entirely. (Speaking of platforms, this because oof.)

Speaking of oof, wonder if this will get a remix?

IRL on the theme of attaining one's goals through de-escalation ties into the talking points used roughly 31:50, making this part of the discussion a point to counter those that present other candidates as a more palatable option. My sentiment about a politician's family continuing a stereotype that's got its own paperwork notwithstanding, I'm well content discarding discussion from The Spin.

Before I forget, ending with this because I wonder if a distillation would make food-safe flavoring. (Signs point to yes.)

(Adding a mention of - huh, gribenes are on.)

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