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On watching intake

Going by keywords on different screens, it's as if The Junction's doubling down on the only thing left to sell.

Considering vocab 台湾 has been fighting for its independence for decades at this point (according to this, since 1949), and that the 政权 has been using means military and other-other-other-otherwise to hobble its progress, the analogy for this situation isn't a child protesting an overprotective parent, but a hostage protesting chains.

Thanks for more reasons to avoid junk food.

Adding these because "crying about" current conditions is only fitting considering the "political tactics" used.

Adding these to compare the full text and several of its presentations. Costs defined, and is it just a habit to stick aid packages onto how-is-this-related legislation?

Ending with the sort of tonic I'd sip on sand.

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