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Once and for all, calling a virus Chinese in origin is not the same as condoning murder.

Attacking people simply because they're Asian isn't fighting back against this Chinese virus issue. Making sure the government responsible for its initial cover-up and transmission doesn't get away with its current whitewashing is.

On that note, hard copies are handy, and whether this document is real or not, it's useful for study.

Wu3 han4 shi4 (Wuhan city) gong1 an1 ju2 (police department)

Wu3 chang1 fen1 ju2 (Wuchang district sub-bureau)

Zhong1 Nan2 (South Central China) jie1 (street) lu4 (road) pai4 chu1 suo3 (local police station)

Xun3 (instruct, admonish) jie4 (commandment, warn) shu1 (book, though the definition document might be a better fit)

It's easy enough to pick out year-month-days in the document itself (2020 year, 1 month, 3 day; 2019 year, 12 month, 30 day). Also, since this is a form, starting with headings are a helpful shortcut to comprehension. (First line end, date of birth - chu1 shen1, family background, origin; nian2 yue, days, years. Fifth line beginning, workplace - gong1 zuo4 dan1 wei4.)

I'll allow that there's something to learn from how the country in which this virus originated dealt with the situation, but China does not get to paint itself the hero when one can learn from other, smaller neighbors that have handled COVID-19 just as admirably, if not more so. And though I'll also allow that the size of those neighbors may have been a factor in how well they handled their viral load, I'm not in favor of China's means of enforcing its unity, especially under a leader that's gotten around term limits.

Stateside media organizations that are willing to cooperate with this whitewashing, to their own detriment and the detriment of the country in which they're based, are what I find suspect to say the least, paywall or not; and if such organizations remain unwilling to give the same scrutiny to a Democrat that they would to a Republican, the only action a discount will encourage is to keep my vote where it is.

On a side note, one's horoscope is an entertainment, not a reason for political uncertainty. Find a scapegoat elsewhere.

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