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There was a woman who argued for the use of cosmetic body modifications (if memory serves, deliberate changes to her appearance to attain her ends by increasing marketability); and though I think the pragmatism of that argument held some sandpaper appeal, I find this woman's argument has much more satisfying and far-reaching results for all involved, despite its similarly pragmatic take on the issue of changes to one's "vehicle." While the first showcases a danger similar to that I see in the recently convicted, the second is something I might call its direct opposite, while also being the sort of modification that has far fewer, if any, restrictions to access.

Though I raise a glass to all those who competed alongside the second woman, between the two I've mentioned in the paragraph above, I know which example I'd choose.

Adding this article just in case articles like these are actually being taken into account when coming up with related neologisms. (Of course I'm thinking of a similar one that applies to my case.)

Weather-eyeing these issues because they ought to be well away from under a rug.

Ending with this because word games are fun.

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