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"Out, damned spot" moment?

Media from the other side of the Ring of Fire uses a nickname for, what, more than a year now? With more acceptance than protest from those the nickname refers to. An ambassador, a news outlet, and a collection of government-sanctioned actions made sure the movie franchise term stuck. (How lovely to have common ground with those whose projects rely on financing.) Too bad the nickname's not something so easily scrubbed now that it's a problem. I suppose the association of 狼 with 掠夺者 and 敌害 can't have helped. (Ooh, 狼-related idioms. Did I mention I like dictionaries?)

When it comes to links to the methods used to fight back, I don't mind making a few repeats, just to show how much dignity is involved in this situation. (That honey adulteration's been a problem for a while - tastes like corn syrup with a touch of plastic - but in a situation where honey's used as medicine, that dilution smacks of malice.) Preemptive strikes? Sure, why not. (Found this too - not entirely related, but I thought it worth a snicker.)

While I'm on the topic of loss of moral ascendency, I'll include these as well.

Nearly forgot to end with this - I may think the donkey's an appropriate animal for her party, but repurposing sounds like it'll help.

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