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Oy, that's two

I get attached to the dude's kid sister, and he goes off to join her too? What, no appetite to write another 三角? Plus an example of how fashion, specifically 丝 embroidery and fabric, can be useful in setting a timeline. (Huh. Still in use, in or out of fiction. And I reserve the right to any means that solidifies this study material whose reruns are still on the air.) Also, 我要吃饭 =/= 给我吃食. (If 给我一个杯子冰水, then I wonder if I need a similar unit and measure for 吃食).

Repetition tends to be helpful, with some exceptions. That's two, Sundowner. That's two, Sundowner. Seriously, take a nap. (...Yikes acknowledged and linked.)

Adding these videos here because one can strive for a cool head as one continues to gird.

Ending with this because it's the last medium in which I'd expect anyone to work in an 'up yours,' but humans are inventive like that.

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