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A spending bill and a stimulus bill sent up at the same time? It can't be too much of a leap to suspect that the spending bill, the one with items that aren't a high priority (or at least shouldn't be - who needs a new museum right now?), was sent up along with the relief package, the one with items that are, in order to have the former passed under the cover of the latter. If that's the case, I can understand why there's conflation going on between the two.

The difference between humans and reindeer is that reindeer don't have much use for artificial hormones or surgery, and the misgendering in popular culture is due to a human decision based on aesthetics over reality. I'm fully expecting this issue to be used in similar arguments to the one against a prominent author, if it hasn't been done already.

(Adding this bit because it's repeating in my recommendations ad nauseam - whether or not I think this is odd, basic bodily needs remain the same; however, if something meant to ensure one group has access to those basic needs then puts another group at risk, that is a risk that cannot be ignored. If I remember correctly, part of the argument involves instances where the associated crime became more than just a threat, where something meant as a kindness was misused by someone from neither group. If the memory of what I've read on the issue continues to serve, the government worker involved in early days presented her side in a far more restrained manner than the one in which it was received; the author who supported her presented her side with more restraint as well, at least initially; and chaperones and multipurpose singleton toilets were two ideas proposed to deal with part of this issue.

I'm guessing the buildup happened, as it has in other issues, in this sort of sequence - person explaining a stance on a position, audience lashing out from being offended, person lashing out in response, repeat ad nauseam.

Yeah, I don't understand why this argument continues to come up more often than the solutions proposed to deal with them. I don't understand it at all. Unless the solutions draw fewer clicks, of course, in which case I'll push them forward again the next time this issue shows up in my recommendations.)

To me, plaid is the pattern that comes to mind when a person makes snap judgments based on zeitgeist. I like the cloth well enough, but I can do without the mindset.

Ending this post here because it's both relevant and fascinating.

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