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Planting seeds

It's a good time to start up (or restart) a gardening habit - depending on the plant, it's a habit that can even be done indoors. After all, why not nourish that which nourishes instead of focusing on the interminable card game?

At least one construction supply store is still open for washing machines and kitchen and bathroom equipment, but I don't know if it includes seed starter kits in its lineup. Worse comes to worst, I can repurpose the soil from other indoor plants and rig planters out of newspaper. A small solution to a petty problem, but at the least it'll lighten the load on grocery restockers and protect against irresponsible disease vectors. (Brilliant - turns out the garden center is open after all.)

Another reason to break the focus from the card game is the news that some at the game are facing criticism from the very nation they support, one that has resumed buzzing a smaller neighbor and is buying out yet another neighbor's supply of protective gear while sending out criminally inaccurate test supplies to those it claims to help. I'll allow it's a legitimate concern, but this focus on racism is drawing eyes away from hostility aimed even at the people who speak against it.

Now, back to the sort of work that has a growing audience.

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