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Playing at what now?

Roasts and pickles and a surprise seedling! Life is stubborn. As is shown by groceries that give the garden a head start. Adding the picture to account for a problem - the roots grow best when the plate is removed, but that's the exact thing that holds the cloves together and makes the entire bulb easier to start in water. That meant the smaller cloves in the middle are blocked, as shown by some of my other soup ingredients. This bulb is relatively larger - I anticipate fiddlier work with the smaller ones. (And the term I wanted earlier is 老爷.)

It's laughable that a 豺狼 政权 should appeal for fair play when -

using the example of one specific company:

That chooses how to boost or limit a video's virality, as demonstrated early on by content creators among the first to test it with their work, then confirmed by the company;

That pries into reporters' information, as confirmed by the publications and the company;

And that is itself restricted by its own 政权.

It sounds like the virality of one person's inability to define "woke" is a poor defense of a demonstration of the term that made it to an awards ceremony. The demonstration, I emphasize, not the speaker himself, who used his personal characteristics of color and sexual preference as cards in the game (the roommate sitcom with a literal Karen) to play on popular sympathies, and then disparages personal characteristics in another when they're represented by an ideological opponent. A wreck on a wreck, one might say.

Why play by the rules such people seek to set when they themselves refuse to?

Ending with this because it's soothing.

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