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Playing with keywords

Ee! Study material does use the term 豺狼 in modern period drama!

Ran into an auxiliary of The Junction (what do I call you - Nagilum?) who can use as a defense neither naive belief or cynical trend-trailing, but actively manipulates in full awareness of the technology involved. (If all the information stays available through this link, then I'll leave the screenshots for another time.)

Building around this (it's more midpoint than start, after all) because of the note on real-life events and actual news footage in a movie. I'm reminded that there was another movie some years back on a dictator being blown up by inept potheads, the sort of material that was made more famous by an attempt to shut it down. (If I remember correctly, a bandage was involved, as was an exploding helicopter.)

I find cause to rank a movie about the president's son at the same level as a dank buds film, to watch it precisely because of who demands that I look elsewhere, anywhere but there. Well. Allow me to oblige elsewhat.

Weather eye 看 不芳邻, the onset of a cold, and an analysis of how to deal with both.

Ending with this because I'm wondering what the different soil colors say about their composition. And I'm hungry.

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