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Playtime with an owl for afters

This article caught my eye specifically for the rebuttal it contains to a statement that was 不 非礼. It was an observation of actions that have proved 聋聩 even to those who led the 政权 before (4/8, top right) the current 豺狼 (key words: organ donors), and to claim otherwise is 鲁. (Still there, 微软.)

Trying my hand at sentence construction - 论 不 是 非礼; 你们 是 聋聩. Apologies for errors, though the sentiment stands.

(Adding these and wondering if the sayings have been used in a pair before: 君子 报仇 十年不晚; 视而不见听而不闻.)

Heading into spring and ending with this, though going by the bugs in the method, I'm guessing it needs winter.

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