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Post-snack snippet

你 不是 我 (argument between childhood acquaintances - informal, no 的) 爸爸 - and I got to work on kip-ups.

为什么 stop? If the sound doesn't match the dictionary entry, is there a synonym that fits, or is there a non-related word that fits in this context? And tell me they included the deleted scenes. (Bleh - they didn't.)

Adding this because I wonder if such an article would have been accepted at any publication other than the one that did.

Adding this as a note to vocab 北韩 where everything is in service to the state or else, and that's been the case (by what, two generations?) longer than she's been around.

Acknowledging the folk who get back up in fictions and adding these as a note to 一个客 et al because of the "real and sound and resonant realities" of increasing rates by location and defunder spending on personal protection. (Is anyone looking at the numbers on the other side of the divide, or am I gonna have to rely solely on counterweights to find out about funds that might be best spent on the training and oversight "realities" seeks?)

Though, if I'm to balance out the issue of budgeting between the parties, are these numbers producing craft that faces the challenges they're built for or just ticking items off a parochial wish list?

It'll help to defuse what one can, but defusing without claws in reserve is shortsighted. Coverage on the declawing ensures my vote stays where it is.

Ending with cette petite blague because chorizo is delicious.

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