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Observations 6/20

I'mma hugel those bits. How I wish I had a chainsaw - those are such fun.

Question, Mr. Biden - since your oath is shorter and doesn't include the text on "threats both foreign and domestic," do I understand correctly that the evidence showing you're both is not a matter you choose to make any of your concern? Because if current events are the result of "the best of your ability," it certainly confirms my decision to choose elsewhom on my ballot. (Addendum: Shady Pines has met expectations with ta-dah, litterbox!)

And OMG, a living historical figure! (Neither your skin tone nor your sexual preference, Ms. Jean-Pierre, earn you your place among these particular names; your choices in office do so.) Slight digression - OMG, echo!

Keywords in the feed prompt several questions:

- Aw, is Meph mad?

- Aw, are the posers mad?

- 啊, 老豺狼 政权 怒 吗?

- 아, 아줌마 미쳤어요? (How did I not remember this vocab connection sooner? It's perfect!)

To simplify, which one of you lot did I trigger this time to get this set of keywords, and how? (Addendum: funny how y'all repeating keywords like it'll stop me from pointing out the new mess you pile onto the old mess you haven't fixed.)

Ending with such fun and thanks for the blade mod info.

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