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Questions on narrow views

Granted, cancer is serious, but if a person has cervical cancer, wouldn't that person have to have a cervix? What sort of mental gymnastics does it take to change a sock into not-a-sock by turning it inside out?

It's one thing to accommodate medical intervention and to protect the rights of those who need that intervention, but when the same procedure is treated like rhinoplasty in a star flick parody, it turns what may be a legitimate treatment for some into a shallow thing driven by the same motives that demand nose jobs, eyelid folds, and silicone, but with more serious long-term consequences and no easy fix.

How much jealousy is one meant to feel when the general truth is that no amount of cash buys class or a clue?

(Unrelated question - just get a new job? Is the problem around that anything like telling farmers and journalists about learning to code?)

(On sparrows and swans - what mental gymnastics does it take to see a swan in the place of a crocodile, whose tears and teeth are those of a predator?)

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