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Got another cupboard experiment in the works. Too many experiments? Nah. Not when the cuttings are finally rooting! But where am I gonna put the ginger? And I'd considered a reason for so much material on vocab 印度 in the feeds. To clarify - hindi hindi hindi yan. Huh - 她 看 谁 的 名字? Or more specifically, 她 搜索 谁 的 名字? 他 是 她 的 哥吗, 还是 她 的 朋友吗?二哥 的 父亲 也 是 她 的 父亲 吗? Yeesh, I am adrift without my dictionary - 怒匹夫 为什么 怒?

I checked on the stats in the screed, of course. The literacy numbers didn't surprise me. (Considering the deliberate alterations of algospeak or the outright destruction of source material, it's as if y'all don't want people to read, and the numbers reflect that.)

The math and science did surprise a bit, but then I took a closer look at one of the graphs in the science section. (This autocomplete thing has its moments, 微软.) Checked demographics and the year from which certain groups were first measured, then some text further down on international students. How's that timeline fit with the numbers used in the screed? (I don't know - I don't follow that show. Didn't? Is it still on?)

Adding this because there's some relief at least somebody's able to get out of that 豺狼 政权 的 国.

Ending with this to eee! and to ask - sino ba si lola? Si Manang Bola?

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