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Reading analysis and vocab review

Getting further into another dead-tree book - it's eerie to see my own experiences mirrored in the words of a stranger, and infinitely more natural (and as a consequence, more reassuring) to find such a thing on a shelf than coming across it through an algorithm's recommendation.

One doesn't have to be religious to channel surf, and during one such bout, I recall watching on a religion-based network an interview with a subordinate religious leader who shares both blood and language with his congregants (which I think amply addresses the issue of learning the local culture before learning Latin). His experiences under an atheistic regime was part of a non-ritual segment of the network's broadcast day, and connected more to the news I read and the experiences of relatives than it did to anything spiritual. (Vocab: 香港.) Based on these, reading about a politician in a cassock, whose 'doing what he thought was right' has come out of more mouths than actually did right, moves me further from his side of the bridge.

Belated response this may be, but I continue to choose mine over complicit silence.

Keeping a weather eye on this. (Vocab: 立陶宛.)

I think I should add these articles as well, especially if the third link is an accurate source and what happened really is part of mandated training to avoid causing harm; and this, if only because it's a tenuous connection to my favorite piece of investing advice from what may be regarded as an unlikely source.

Ending with this because it's fascinating.

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