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Recognition up!

It's the same written language, but on one show, it's captions; on this one, it's subtitles. 我们?你们?金医生?不要 what? I don't know enough of the language to understand why the army guys look like they just survived massive diarrhea and what they're doing to the doctor who treated (?) them. (Speaking of those army guys...)

It's a stark contrast to the other network - Brits talking about mono, Epstein-Barr, MS; and fingers crossed that that girl dancing around a fire to the beat of a drum while wearing a woven blanket isn't doing any of the cultural appropriation her folk have learned to complain about.

Adding these because why yes, mass mailer, I did hear the news hyping up that tax thing (there are several sections in here on energy-related tax credits that got me fangirling). Heard these news, or are you busy applauding yourselves?

Adding these because it's funny that a site, the bulk of whose posts are at the level of glass bottle of herbal oil slipped because mAgIc, that eagerly played its part in spreading disinformation could have any reason to consider itself anything heroic, but yeah, okay...

Ending with this because still hungry and curious.

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