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Red? Yellow? Black? White?

Eh, it's one of these plugs. And what are those spiky things the wolf's mailman leaves in his wake? Chestnuts?

I wonder if those who send the fundraising e-mails are aware of the news promoting opponents backed by Mr. Lomax's predecessor, broadcast even by outlets who tend to favor the fundraisers. Something along the lines of a short-circuit north of the necktie is the only thing that can explain a message that sounds rather like "boogeyman politician that I wanted to run against won on the other side - now send me money so I can beat the boogeyman." Given the exposure of what's been called a very cynical action, I have to ask if there was anyone looking over the shoulder of whoever chose the wording of that e-mail.

Rooting for these developments - despite the increasingly hostile surroundings, the countries in question appreciate the risks taken to support them.

Adding these because my question is whether the rationality is in assuming military action doesn't suit a 政权's long game or in discarding a partisan newscaster* once he no longer suits the desired image. Considering that 老戏祲's still around after a similar instance from last year, I'm going with Option 1 here; and considering the connections already being made to election timing, I'm OK sticking with appreciation of 一个客 taking the risk of a supportive visit while keeping my vote exactly where it is, thanks. (Also, adding this because she can handle it.)

Ending with this because I'm seriously thinking they're chestnuts. Also yum.

*Trying out this thing called subtlety.

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