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It makes for interesting snippets of language lessons in the ads - still not buying them, but I'm listening to them this time! (Except the chocolates. Chocolates are always good.)

Ran into this reminder of why I started watching broadcasts from overseas. (It's more than one network that sees your city's condition, boo, of which the complimentary street ornament is an appropriate symbol.) Impressive, the U-turn on the level of tolerance.

Speaking of that for which tolerance has changed so (yikes, I can feel the thud from here), I'm sure the DA has been made aware of people within his state who, if I remember correctly, worked to improve housing conditions but were stymied by state zoning restrictions? I recall at least two: one with a tiny house construction program (there's one) and another working with existing buildings (a consideration mentioned in there). It's good to see some movement on this issue other than that which produced the ornament, as well as to hear a reminder on whose policies created the conditions so decried. Feel free to keep the credit for them.

Thank you for showing me this example of what such people can make of their time.

Adding this because remind me who's on border duty?

(Huh. Meph versus 豺狼政权, vocab 越南.)

Ending with this because it brought up a follow-up question about the sensors.

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