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Reupping the visual aids

And ensuring I can find the pieces I use to compare East and West.

Also, to drive home the point, reupping the following vocab: this for 英国, 加拿大, 法国, 德国, 意大利, 日本, 美国, 和 欧盟; this for 巴基斯坦, 肯尼亚, 赞比亚, 寮国, 蒙古, 斯里兰卡, 宏都拉斯 - 没有酒肉, 没有朋友 (still there, 微软); and this for 所罗门群岛 - you pinks wanna rephrase?

Huh. Keywords in the feed sound like I triggered someone regarding notions of culture. Adding this because WTF fits.

Settled a question I had earlier regarding hours in a 12-division cycle versus a 24-division. Shoutout to translators.

Adding this because what I see here are baby safe haven protections, emergency child abandonment procedures, charter school health and safety regs; and I wonder if I'm reading the correct document. Got the digest, but the text in that versus the separate editions seems to cover different issues. Is each edition link only for the text that was added to the main body?

Reading that digest brings to mind articles on women who were prosecuted because of a miscarriage due to accidental physical trauma, which the text accounts for (along with rape and incest exceptions, issues addressed in yet other articles). Question on the tape recording or e-mail restriction - guard against info tampering? Yikes on the text regarding what looks not so vaguely like eugenics, in that you had to write that mess in there? (Of course you did, because humans.) Reading this digest along with outside information, which names penalties for multiple variants of domestic abuse in addition to those abortion restrictions, I'd be much obliged for clarification on where the contradiction, conflict, or confusion is, or on what color lipstick you wear. Thank you for the impetus, mass mailer.

Noting Xiong'an New Area flooding (Baiyangdian) and railway station - if it weren't for the overgrown lawns and empty streets, it might almost look like not-river-orchid's apartment complex was around there.

Ending with this because serenity now-ish.

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