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Revisiting the wall

I've got the difference between (search terms are fun) and 很小很可爱 solid; now I need the same for 可以可以 and . And I think I found one of the finance stories from the news earlier, though I still don't know what the connection to 5万元 is - the numbers don't match up when running them through a conversion rate calculator. Dang, that is some wild hair, for all it's so tidy. Pourquoi sont-ils à Paris? 他们在法国为什么? 他为什么错? Or is it 他的错是什么?

I remember that as much as I want to believe 酒肉朋友 can diffuse (dilute, reduce) if not defuse (deactivate, end) tensions,

I'm comparing these two articles with an awareness of 君子报仇 十年不晚, specifically in "alliances" with smaller countries when "diplomacy" between larger ones has fallen as flat as a 豺狼政权's people.

What is inspired when such a 政权 ensures that its records don't get out by not keeping records at all, and when the records that do get out have holes? Is one meant to be grateful for protective equipment that doesn't protect, or when one is sold what it sent as aid to the seller? Is "after a few weeks of staying at home and convalescing indoors" an alternate reference to the sort of situation that taught me the term 加油? Are busy hospitals and a paucity of beds supposed to fit the definition of "efficacious?" 我不是你的国人我不信任你. (Wonder if the writer deals with the 男人女人 people.)

It's part of why I continue to hold to the long-game theory - one long-term end through any means in the near-term, including those whose circumstances dictate require relaxing, a moment to "think twice," before tightening right back up. Noting that I enjoy playing with terms and therefore don't mind repeating that 熊兄弟's on his third. (他的其三对吗?)

Adding this to ask two questions: A) which way is vocab 台湾 leaning, and B) where else is the 刀 slicing?

Adding these for брат and Sundowner.

Adding these for 'oil and glass are slippery because mAgIc' Skeeters seeking blood quill rounds for other than themselves does earn them their cuts. (I wonder if slips are in on your fashion pages, because your lot look great in pink.)

Ending with this because it's soothing.

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