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In the moment, the rocks I've dug up are obstacles difficult to move and harsh on the ears. (Metal on stone? Ngahh.) Then I look at borders for garden beds and bases for experiments, and the obstacles become a rich resource. (There's one big ol' bugger that I'm looking forward to playing with, though I'm not sure I have the right dish for it.)

There are some things on which one must remain immovable; in my case, those things include the criteria I use to build my list. One of the mass mailers I've received sure is consistent with this pattern, which is why Shady Pines hasn't a chance of making it on that list. The argument for returning an ousted politician to his former seat is exactly that - that he did occupy that seat until relatively recently and had a hand in issues that continue to this day; therefore, it will take minimal time to get him back up to speed, especially if (as I expect is likely) he's been following current events since leaving office. It may not be a compelling enough argument to land that politician on my list either, but it's still a compelling argument to reseat him.

Another matter on which I remain immovable includes that on which I've reflected with some depth over several years, gathering information along the way. You erase your own history, diminish the languages of others, threaten your neighbors (still there, 微软, and then some), mock contemporaries who side with their financiers, steal their work, demand communication that you then shut out, and justify incursions on sovereignty using past examples from a poorly-positioned partner that you seek to keep in thrall. You must have as much faith in your counterparts' intelligence as I do, to give them so much credit for the "downturn in ties." (And speaking of your counterparts - I mentioned in an earlier post something along the lines of 'the entertainment a culture produces shows what it values.' You were warned. And on that last screed, wanna check how much those stats have changed since?)

Adding these articles to look into what's behind this vid in the feed.

Considering this as a means to bide one's time until another crop's ready.

Ending with this because d'aww.

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