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Counting the ways and celebrating confirmation of 可以 versus 能. There's still a bit more to go in terms of other uses for these - well, terms, but the ground's that much more solid here now. And context on busted 她 和 他 delivers the d'aww. In slightly tangential news, found the 岳母 article. Ran across study material with a 龙大人 that sounds an awful lot like "Leroy... that a Cornish name?" And there's that salute with the sleeves and robe again - I keep associating it with medics, but is it for all male officials? And there's a tie to that human trafficker はげ. (汉字 IME uses the space bar to toggle between 中 and 英, so I wonder if there's a similar method in 漢字 IME to toggle between あ and A. While I'm on this topic, still there, 微软.) I wonder if 三角 = Δ = peninsula (= 山?), and if 牛角 is tied to that as well.

How many ways does vErItAs intend to make a reader roll one's eyes? There's a wet and squishy threat to democracy teaching about threats to democracy and one - no, two now - examples of modern entrepreneurial ventures, and that's not counting prior collaborations with a 豺狼政权. I pity the minds it infects, and hope those minds are strong enough to counter. In the meantime, adding these articles to keep my eyes in place.

Adding these articles for vocab 台湾, 印度, 日本, 北约 (the fourth of which is entirely new to me, and a bit of shorthand as well).

Adding this to wonder if the stock image is reflective of the three-fourths referred to in relation to apps I don't use, or if it's just more lazy clickbait thumbnail-title association.

Adding this in case anyone's curious - I'd help, but it's yet another app I don't use.

Adding this, half for condolences, half for the images of those involved. If there's any sort of training that can fix the root cause of that issue, I haven't seen it.

Ending with this because chainmail.

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