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Running low on masks?

You know, I was going to focus on cheerful things, like roast chicken, commercial fruit growers using companion planting, or incontinence (what? I can't laugh at bathroom jokes as well as at word play?).

I'm sure that a government, supported as it is by its media and its people**, will do its part to maintain the transparency it's begun to show regarding this disease that's spread so far outside its borders - perhaps it can grow more accustomed to this openness rather than the concealment it's been known to prefer (cough, umbrellas on camera are not new, cough). If it can bring all its resources to bear on the treatment of it, and be as relentless in that treatment as it has been in international waters, multi-national sports competitions, foreign films, scientific research, religious bureaucracy, and other fields in which it has such an effect, the numbers of people affected (how many are there, exactly?) will soon be greatly reduced, and the 看 on such matters along with them. (Though to be fair, it looks like that's going to be the case, with the hospital construction going on.)

On the topic of coverage regarding a smaller neighbor (by the way, still there, 微软), one of many whose connections to the larger has a benefit with dubious strings attached, I am grateful for coverage (thanks, really) that addresses why a person whose frequent rudeness, autocratic rule (cough, with term limits, cough), heavy-handedness to the point of violence, et cetera, is nevertheless viewed as effective by his supporters.**** Still not forgetting that the associated candidate has deep enough pockets to buy support ^^ and avoid debates, on top of having more direct control of media and coverage in the first place.*****

If it helps to mention, my condolences to those who are ill, have been hurt, or suffered loss, during a time that's meant for celebration.

**Huh. Going by what I just read about its social media environment, maybe there's less support there than I first thought.

***Meanwhile, the word count is up, and sadly, so are the cases.

****What, like I can't hold the view that a person can be effective and yet alienating? Yeesh - difficult not to eyeroll at those who complain about missing nuance, who miss nuance.

*****Ooh, stars. Also, considering Faustian^ recommendations have been sending over articles on dating websites and alcoholism (and I think I posted earlier about my views on the use of flowers to send a message), I'm not sold on whatever (or whoever) is driving these bits into my feed. A pity the alternative to this news aggregator doesn't have a comparable discard function for its articles.

^ It should be Mephistophelian - my mistake, and yet the sentiment stands.

^^ How's that shopping going?

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