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Rut much?

I find this article to be stuck on one person and one point in time, as if that justifies those in the current administration and how they've shown themselves to be in international affairs. Wanting peace is one thing, but there's artillery in use - what level of escalation is required before those who have been asked to help actually step in to do so? (My belief in reader literacy is such that I add this reminder that coke here isn't related to drinks or drugs. It's related to coal, if I'm right. ...Turns out I am.) And while it's understandable to soften a sentiment with a follow-up explanation (in this case a reaction to another's laughter in the face of what her fellow citizens are going through) the initial social media post that made that explanation necessary is telling.

Despite the warnings that have come from their higher-ups, it's gratifying to see news of people who can do more than I can. Around here, I see the choice these citizens are making to take an initiative their administration hasn't as a poor reflection on that administration, whose current place is due to hype from performers ("delusional, sometimes to the extreme") whose most recent productions involve writhing out of court cases and prison ("seeking impunity for corruption," from the prompt's source) and from news organizations (the source also has an infographic using media freedom as a point under which I'd list the VPOTUS interview retcon) whose ratings and resentments demand that they don't move on; and whose focus on its talking points has taken away from its effectiveness. (I could add articles on voter ID and border issues to address the other two points in the infographic.)

Bottom line for me remains that this publication and many like it have made much of promoting and voting for politicians who are visibly ill equipped for their current station, and more than their target audience has to live with the consequences, if they are fortunate enough to survive those consequences. While I won't argue with the ranking, what I read reflects much of those who discount their role in this situation and the role their ideological opponents take in changing that ranking for the better.

(Before I forget, thanks to this for the rest of the Cyrillic on that sign.)

Adding this article to counter the one that prompted this post.

Ending with this because curiosity now.

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