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Hasn't this already been discussed a while back? There have been more articles than this exploring the suitability of certain foods to their environment. If the effects of climate change are warming and droughts, what happens to farming and ranching? This is an interesting answer to one half, but it raises the question of who can afford the equipment needed to farm this way (or if there are budget hacks for it) and how much the resulting ingredients will cost. Also, it'd be funny if they power these indoor vertical farms with solar panels.

Too scared to lose funding by helping this kid or what?

Yeah, sure, I can see how the influence from a man with a hug on a man with a slap might be reflected in the foreign policy that helped enable this mistreatment. (And I thought y'all were into this 'gather together' thing.) Among the people who remind the politician in a cassock what he's decided to drop along with the keys, how many can he not excommunicate?

Try not to let this news overshadow the memory of how helpful cash ended up being to the other party.

This is a laugh, considering the coverage on the sort of slip that suggests he'd resign if he lost a game of checkers with her.

Excuse me if I don't believe this assessment in its entirety, considering there are outlets who've reported over a period of months news that has only recently been leaked on another, not to mention the early sensationalizing of a drug rather than an explanation of its use on the ongoing condition at the time. (What, it's fake until it shows up on networks you like, is that it?) Edited to add - if this is the effect of choices made by government and the entertainment industry over there, I don't wonder at any doubt about their judgment.

The argument for this makes some sense for places that don't automate as many of their services, but I'm just waiting for some bank head to turn teller on the same day as those shots.

I end this post with a bit of my, but that's satisfying.

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