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Saving frivolous titles for later.

From the recommendations I've seen in the feed comes today's prompt - learning embarrassingly late the sort of material that pulls viewers into reality TV is one thing, and learning embarrassingly late about one's choice of politicians is quite another. Power is the only thing anyone in power's concerned about - pools and purses are incidental. (A recent opinion piece I read on capitalism versus communism reminded me that flights and ice cream would fit here as well.)

I'd like to think that de-escalation is in some way possible even now. I'm more inclined to see that, at present, it's the secondary partner in a set of two who's making the first move on this - for all that chess isn't my best game, I think this is the first time I've outright disliked comparing anything to it.

Noting this as something of a bright spot in this situation.

Adding this because it does more than the topic I considered putting in this spot.

Ending with this because utilitarian aww.

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