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Scales in hand and on eyes?

I'd like to think Dorian and kin are aware by now that they're deep in this culture war whose existence has been doubted, and are so firmly imbedded that they've lost their collective heads in it. Saying it's not real, calling it an obsession with the wrong thing, seems to me like telling an ideological opponent to back down from a crucial front in which one side holds an advantage by telling that opponent that that front is less pivotal than it's already proved to be - and, if this is true, will weight matters even further in a one-party state direction.

Matches and methane, gaslighters.

By the way, there was an article earlier about a certain group of states and percentages of lost revenue. How do the benefits they receive compare to the state government that 'may be the biggest winner in the relief bill?' I'd love to read more about how the weights seem to pile up thataway, don't they, Madam Term Limits?

I'd also like to add that, though this is richly deserved, it feels as if Governor "iT's nOt cAnCeL cUlTuRe, iT's aCcOuNtAbIlItY" is a sacrifice to show commitment to a hashtag.

- New information is always of value, even from Senator Snowbird (just because I agree with who's Empire doesn't mean I missed that flight) and even when I disagree with the course of action proposed (a boycott that's already been tried is before my time, but I chafe at the thought of avoiding one altogether). This proposal, however, sounds like it might fit, taking into account the athletes themselves, reducing as much as possible any financial benefit from spectators, and placing in the spotlight the people and issues the hosts have done their level best to muzzle. (Not expecting these guys to solve any one 国's issues, but one would think they have some pull on the sports end of it).

- First a lens, now this. Dead comedian went too soon.

- Ending with this simply for the description of the sword and the singer.

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