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Scappare, Scapa Flow

Going by the material in the feed, these apps and platforms I still don't use must be such a lure for projectionists. If nothing else, thanks go to The Dube for the reminder of where exactly the collective is - at the moment, weaponizing a kid against a parent, which is bad enough. However, if the kid's on board with being weaponized, dad's on his own on that point - he can handle it, after all.

Bumping into videos with people learning languages from and speaking to, among others, people who scarpered elsewhere (that's a fun word, so I'll repeat it). What Meph decides to recommend is almost as fascinating as listening to these folks shift from one language to another on a dime, thanks ever so.

What's eyecatching here is info on the numbers that show lower rates of identifying as 香港人 because those who do, and were able to scarper (got word origin!), scarpered from the incoming 政权. It's why that door to diplomacy thing was so funny, 兄弟, because they're living the aftermath of complicit silence. On the bright side, at least there are those still living.

I'm wondering whether there are folk in these situations who'll need more reassuring upon finding the muck raked up is an indictment of their choice of 金融家.

Addendum: apart from once again openly putting forth a decidedly non-nonpartisan stance, I'd suggest that this is a vapid copout from the head of an administration, who's already disconnected from reality, covering up its unwillingness or inability to use existing resources on domestic hardships and still be able to help others at the same time. (Speaking of covering up, adding this for its mention of disclosure requirements.)

Also, in regards to those who insist on propping up Mr. Lomax (still deciding on my reaction if the two people mentioned really are tied together) - there was a video game review I'd watched earlier where the main character was hunting down some thugs in the night; as the character's attacks grew more effective, the thugs began to clump together for safety. Reading these numbers entices me to think that the feed isn't so much a dogpile as it is a protective clump; and considering observations of some of the bases (publication and otherwise) named by The Junction's starstruck past and present, I'd have to agree with the clump's locations changing to one in five.

Ending with this because I've toasting on my mind.

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