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Scheduling conflict

Aww, background noise rerun caught 我说了我不信任你们 with the female military unit. (In part because 你们的同胞怕你们的政权.) Same time as study material, though. Dude, I want that knife!

I've been using 可以不可以 for 'can' or 'able to,' but I'm running into so many instances with 可x不可x. There's something I'm missing in the grammar here. (And 其二角, despite all your accomplishments, you're an utter 胆小鬼.) Aww, 王不要人人看看王nomnom吃母亲的甜点. Dude, why do subtitles disappear after ads? Aand the reversal's reversed.

Adding this because 商人 feature prominently in both background noise and study material.

Brilliant timing for study material! I wonder what happened to 其三半角? Anyway, adding these to address my need for ‘or;' 加拿大人 有没有 撒谎? 熊兄弟 不要 加拿大人 说 的 熊兄弟 的 揭黑 吗? Let me count the ways - 加拿大人 有没有 撒谎, 还是 熊兄弟 不要 加拿大人 说 的 熊兄弟 的 揭黑 吗? Or maybe, considering this, 揭发 would be more appropriate. (他们 是 小. 河蟹 是胆小鬼.) Therefore, 加拿大人 有没有 撒谎,还是 熊兄弟 不要 加拿大人 说 的 熊兄弟 的 揭发 吗? Huh. Also need a human checker for these statements - 揭发 and 揭黑 result in different translations, with 揭黑’s hewing closer to my intended meaning even though the sentence itself only changed the one 汉字. Huh. Really need a human checker. Running these statements through in separate pieces and in their entirety changes the translation every time. What's the deal, 谷歌?

Adding this now because it's certain.

Adding this because about time somebody looked more closely into at least one meme sweatshop's use of unpaid material to bulk up their output. (Also wanted to mention a tie to this in the mention of fabricated material that appeals to the zeitgeist.)

Ending with this because the term shows up often enough for one to require a definition.

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