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That's cute, sundowner, thinking more fundraising e-mails are going to change my mind. (Why keep sending these e-mails if you hate them too, Alyssa?)

The soul of the nation is reflected in who it chooses for its top seats, and it looks less like something inspired by leaders rather than something bought by career politicians. (Let's check, background noise, who's got liver disease, track marks, and chlamydia and see who's projecting destructive behavior onto ideological opponents, then complaining once caught in the lie.)

A pusher pushing policies, living like the policies pushed don't apply, and still expecting people to vote for the pusher elicits the question of how high are you? (Personal status as constituent aside - on that expectation, appropriate cat is appropriate.) But I'm sure pushing for another psychoactive that will be just about like alcohol, especially considering how much it's been studied, is enough to get party people on side. (And you're right to prioritize your health over debates, especially when all the ammo you've got against that meanie is snack food.)

Paying attention to these matters is what makes an educated voter. What doesn't is abiding toilet-paper tabloid chick chat that advises living real by minding one's own business, and does so in between discussions of video-chat-driven plastic surgery, hormone treatments, and who's wearing what shoes OMG shoes. Also, which one of y'all rehab-grad Junction Dwellers wanna give this a shot?

Adding these because silence is unthinkable -

vocab 台湾,

vocab 印度尼西亚, 照猫画虎.

Adding these because I wondered about a topic I haven't heard about in months - just trailing a few stories across the world and through time. (Bakit kaya?)

Ending with this because that which feeds must be sought past the feed.

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