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I was surprised to see what happened to this outlet, considering what I read from them sounded like explanations that leaned more complimentary than otherwise - the country map with its different regions, each showing percentages of those who either have larger families or those willing to grow their families, that stands out in my memory. Of course I don't read everything out of them (just slammed through a book for which I didn't expect to feel both extremes at once, and I'm strangely glad for it), so I don't know for sure whether or not the outlet in question tends this way (I think this one) or this way (collaborate?).

I do know I'm not surprised at a 国's continued tendency to silence its opponents, and from tech to tourist stereotypes, all I see are contemporary reiterations of landmarks on a well-worn path. Even this chestnut is at once new and stunningly repetitive.

I see a desire to portray a trailblazer from those whose output only refashions an existing wheel.

Bit of an aside, this, but I'll hold my applause until I see how the player in question bears censure from 金融家.

Ending with this because of an earlier guess on profile pics - once again, I'll say that if more cats end up in shelters and parking lots, I'll have some idea of which study prodded any rise in those numbers. (Also, they're cute cats.)

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