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Shadows on the wall come in different flavors.

I've run into enough examples to consider 'the boring stuff has more useful information' as a truism. The most recent one is the comparison of broadcast news on COVID-based insurance policies and why PPE made here costs more than foreign-made counterparts (and therefore is less frequently used despite being of better quality) to the news that shows up in my online feed. I see claims that defund doesn't mean defund and wonder about how much confusion is in that governance (I think I'll choose an ambassador over a bartender, thanks, Dorian). I look at the priorities in the feed and wonder if unity is the correct word to tie those pieces together. (In tangentially related reruns, tracking beacon jewelry screams stalker, sweetie.)

No wonder this guy's leaning on his faith, considering the fella with the keys is busy enabling 兄弟熊. I will acknowledge this as a start on this issue at least, but does the 十年熊 squad seem the type to listen to a lower-ranking foreigner on policy? (By the way, maybe they'll stop considering you a threat if you stop acting like one. And I'm surprised that the difference between simplified and traditional escaped notice.)

Meanwhile, this makes me glad I chose to limit my media diet thataways.

Just wanted to add that I wonder how groundless this story is.

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