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Show, storm, fest...

- Quite aware of another recent instance where anger has put so much more at risk than just the people who use it. I don't see so much of that emotion in half of the photos here, though. If the compiler meant to highlight the difference in how two sets of protesters were treated, that's the meaning I got, and I wonder if that difference is in the expectation of violence from either. It's difficult, however, for me to reconcile the relative calm shown in half of those protest photos to articles like these, even where condolences are fitting; not surprising that this person shares that difficulty, but how many experiences of the event are like his, in the details about agitators? (The source of my particular difficulty, at least, is one thing about which I'm certain.)

- In honor of the here's-your-sign relationship advice that's still infecting my feed on the regular (and my deepest condolences to anyone going through that steaming mess), here's a cautionary tale. It's the sort of article that causes an internal conflict between the part of my life that's shown me what truth there is in the video discussed here, of the people whose own interests (I know you still like purses) and the people whose family's well-being drives them to settle for something like this; and the part of my life with those who have shown me what it means to choose a good person over (if I'm going to objectify anyone) a meal ticket who's only interested in a doormat because the one on his head isn't enough. (That was uncalled for. So was that toupee.) I'm not that torn, though; this bit of superficiality's on the wrong island if he thinks the internet holds a candle to anything I've seen of the roasts back home. (Where else would all this sass come from?)

- Always flip flops? OK, 敌害. (Also, this bit of from-a-delay-to-an-outright-block-who-saw-that-coming?, as well as this bit of wow-they-let-the-neighbors-know-after-they-got-caught. 微软.)

- I may agree with this man's take on the cultural issue he discusses, but I also question whether or not I should raise an eyebrow at the timing. (My eyebrow's up right now, of course - I'm just wondering if it should be, considering it's a widely discussed topic that would be more surprising if it were omitted.) At any rate, congratulations on the reboots, and I really wish I hadn't learned that other definition for "teddy."

- Ending with this bit of good news.

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