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Shower thoughts, brought to you by the reason for the shower in the first place

Heavy physical activity in higher temperatures can result in physical harm. Public health warnings come out to that effect, even at these latitudes. Does this, I wonder, contribute to the cultural ideas of siestas and island time, this relaxing at a certain time of day in order to not collapse and die?

On a related note, there are adages related to more northerly weather, like making hay while the sun shines, and tales about the foresight of ants and bees (related insects) in setting aside food for leaner times. Could it be that shorter growing seasons contribute to the urgency of work in places where one has to grow one's food in order to not starve and die?

If a person with darker skin is placed in a scenario with a shorter growing season, or a lighter-skinned person is placed in a scenario with higher temperatures, would the means and methods to preserve life change based on the skin tone? (Anthropologists?)

I haven't studied these topics in depth, but at a guess, I'd say the desire to stay alive doesn't depend on melanin, or require letters after one's name. The means and methods can adapt in modern situations where technological advancements affect the effect of weather, but nature existed before humans did, and technology only goes so far. Demonizing a view that developed in a different environment, a view which can be adapted to instances within its current environment, cements just a bit more solidly that the choice of where I stand is exactly what it should be, oversimplifications and all. I'm distressed, but not entirely surprised, that an educator in a respected institution would be capable of this, and only slightly reassured that the apology for it exists.

A few other things that caught my eye:

Some guy who left his basement and targeted a civil servant who served in the military on the sole basis of the other man's race.

Some other guy who's got a shaky track record of race in relation to politics.

Some third guy who chose to make a profit for his organization over other considerations, and who decided to financially support the second guy.

Rant over for now. Time to get pops to drive you to your coven.

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