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Sickles, Part 2

I'd like to remind this network why the video platform they refer to should clock out.

Earlier, I posted an article regarding another app used for video chats (I mentioned that that article was one of several - this is another take on the same issue). That app clarified their position as shown in this article.

Too right "there are real security questions," and in my case, they're based not just on what I've seen and read, but on what I've experienced about tech companies' willingness to accommodate an aggressor. (Still there, 微软.) If such an aggressor can cause one tech company based in another country to shut down activists whose words they don't want to hear, I'm convinced they can and will do more with another that only tightened information security once the leaks were publicized.

The sickle folks' work seems less suited to news and more suited to cancel culture tabloid, so why not focus on the mail instead? Never mind that those on the letter might actually have a point.

(Huh. It looks like, around the time I posted this, the sickles didn't have much news on the mail.)

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