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Skein 3/23

Bit soon to consider this, but I wonder about garlic braids. I don't do that with my own hair, regular or French, so how would that turn out with groceries? If I understand it correctly, it seems like a French braid, adding the stalk of another bulb into the ongoing braid the way one would tuck in another strand of hair. Ay, too early to repot?

Laughing would be cruel in a situation where yet another business leaves a state;

where a network known for its demonstrated position on the ideological divide is forced to meet the results of its ideology;

and where the research, testimony, and experience of local residents meets a muzzle,

especially when I don't live that life, though I wonder about the chain's statewide sales versus statewide "shrink" and fines. It is, however, sandpaper satisfying to watch the people who moved out.

Excuse you, captioner, he was not screaming at the TikTok CEO. Of course Shou Chew faced barely concealed hostility; nevertheless, labeling that a scream is demonstrably inaccurate with a capital D. "We are not the only company" like that fixes anything. (There’s a difference between manipulating a mind in order to sell a product and manipulating a mind to - I've posted 皇后的弟弟 and 三角.) Believe keystroke monitoring doesn't go beyond security usage? Yes, please do check on a lot of specifics. "Deleting legacy data?" Transparency versus "dragged out of you," and an alert at 60 minutes but not an auto-logout? Not asking after Project TX; tell them, Chewy, don't say there's a link somewhere in TL;DR. What, like there's no crossover? It's the same process, selling and 三角, but with very different endgames - thank you, eyepatch.

“Fair or not, endorsing political candidates tarnishes science journals and introduces explicit political considerations into the scientific process, something which everyone, right and left alike, should lament and resist.”

Oh dear, science journal - the endorsement seems to be for a WAP. (First word 'weak,' third word 'president.')

Adding the following to acknowledge and thank the person (people?) in my feed who deconstructed purses to examine material and construction quality in comparison to production cost and sale price.

Ending with this because I was right about the braid.

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