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Slurry if one squints

How awesome is it to block a camera with the flip of a switch? Lots.

Cripes. Even though it's rather a near given that 兄弟's not going to flipping listen now, not if he flipping didn't earlier, this is a situation that merits an about flipping time, fratello.

If this and other articles in the feed is meant to signify an attempt at a fix, it's a relief to read; however, I'd like it understood that a flipping finally! is lots in order. (Not done with the screenshots, though.)

Adding this because it might end up being a which-one scenario name-wise, but dang if it isn't flipping funny.

Adding this because vocab 北韩.

Adding this because it is his job, dude - but what more can one expect from one who got a free pass on antisemitism?

Ending with this because alembic ding and savory ding.

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