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Snaps 4/8

Celebrating three little things: these shots are of the Apiaceae that had the least amount of greenery among the entire bunch.

Don't get too excited. The rootlets have been developing on these two since before I started testing rooting additives in their water (honey and apple cider vinegar - makes a nice enough drink, as it happens).

Seed packet's doing well too, as it happens, as is spice cupboard.

Background noise got me wondering whether farmed shellfish in waters too warm could benefit from - ah, there it is, seaweed (kelp, specifically). Would plant shade help, or is its effect too minimal?

And I have to note Shady Pines' spokesman's method of running interference being "it's not about accountability." Whose, the current head or the former? Because it's very easy to imply the current administration, under which the withdrawal happened, rather than the former on whom credit for the "constraints" is pinned.

Keeping an eye on a 豺狼 政权 and vocab 马来西亚.

Ending with this for the next part of the experiment.

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