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Snippet 1/17

Oh good, the titles match after all. 七十二家房客 - there have been enough on here whose titles don't match the listings, so I'm glad I double checked. EEE! Who knew reading out loud before the newscaster does would be so satisfying? And yet perturbing, specifically when 豺狼政权 sounds like it's gotten into noodle slogans for 他们的人. (台湾 要 说 他们 的 国人 不 是豺狼 政权 的 国人 吗? "它 看 好吃" 对 吗? And am I missing a 很 somewhere? "它 看 很 好吃" 对 吗?) And captions help so very much when a dude's blubbering through 十四年 of d'aww. Though not so much at that speed. Yeesh.

One must keep aware of one's surroundings, like noting keyword antonyms that show up in article titles whose compiled contents include an odd tie into that inconsiderate driver who deserved the embarrassment of being on the receiving end of a prolonged honk when double parked next to a coffee shop (and I say coffee shop because I'm not sure if one of the legally parked cars near that intersection was a black-and-white - YTA when it doesn't take a Mother Teresa to acknowledge that white van of yours is the frustration of the drivers behind you during rush hour and keep traffic moving. Why yes, I could be more specific, but that would include the hair color of your passenger, and that's a bit much.) Then again, one must also remind oneself that even 46%-ers (whups, 45%-ers - there, fixed) are trying to make a living, including those for whom one uses screenshots (40%) to remind oneself of the worst applications of reading material that politicians are capable of, and therefore eliminate the uncertainty of assumptions. (Again.) Thank you for teaching.

Penultimate this because yeah, I'mma call it a heartbeat.

Ending with this because dude, I wanna do that.

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