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Snippets 1/7

Hackysack frill on a washer! It's a bit variety show-ish, this study material; but dang, I haven't played that game (or that elastic jump "rope" thing) since elementary school, and it's distracting from the captions - dude! When did they start adding the speakers' names as well in there? That's dratted helpful. And that speaking pattern's handy as well - I've seen 哥哥 and 姐姐 as a singular in context of addressing a sibling (大哥, 三哥, et cetera), but that's the first I've seen people addressed with just the one. I'm guessing it's more informal if one doesn't double up on that 汉字. It's a handy educational distraction from "oil and glass slip because mAgIc" all ad hominem about their cuts. Aw, did meme sweatshops' readership crack too? (Reminder that several sweatshops are Literally a lump of sites under one admin. "Independence" in quotes.)

Adding this to consider condolences for those affected, even as I remember I'm rooting for 一百九十九-ish. (I'd posted an article earlier with a list of 国 addressing this issue; was vocab 埃及 in the count?)

Adding this because who would publicize what many don't want to hear?

Adding this because I said difficult, not impossible.

Adding this for 豺狼 政权 不 是 朋友. (What? It's an easy name pun to make.)

Adding this and looking forward to a better sandwich, if only on this issue.

Adding vocab 日本 and 河蟹.

Adding this because yeesh, impatient. (Also this because such coverage is the point. I'd rather see it than not.)

Ending with this (apparently it's a) re-up because it may be about a dog, but it's still funny.

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