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隣 ?

Thanks for this - I haven't gotten my pencils out in an age! Adding the graphic in full awareness that there are many far more skilled than I am, but the sentiment is sincere.

Having had a moment to consider the matter more calmly, there are individual shows that would support the speaker's point. (I had a different link earlier, but thought it too much. >XP) However, I vehemently disagree with using such a name for what is simply another medium of entertainment. (Oh, give it a rest - just because I like the shows doesn't mean I can't consider how another might use them in an argument.) One might call movies or music satanic and be as wrong as he is, by focusing on the medium and not the choices made by the people who use it.

Dude, what happened to the coordination in the study material? And what are those two doing in the 洗澡间?

Adding this because, using these three articles for context, it sounds like self-soothing.

Adding this because he's not joking, and I'm still laughing. (Judicious application of reading material only lasts so long.)

Adding these articles for more context around 卫道士.

Moving this because priorities - I thought those dough cutters have a function that rounds out the portions immediately after cutting? (Ah - on trays, not in pans.)

Ending with this because it's brilliant.

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