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Moving comedian

Transferring this here because looking on the bright side, authority figures and organizations could have been making an effort to prevent mass panic by providing some sense of certainty, yada yada yada. (The video's recent, as is the source material, but I'm wondering if I missed any mention of a broadcast date.)

Was bad information transmitted in good faith or otherwise?

If the host is telling the truth (what does he gain by speaking out about this when he expects penalties like those he's already faced?), I can only see pharmaceutical companies pushing untested product for profit (in her own words, to 4:16) and talking heads (oh, the timing of background noise - smiling damned villains) making the most of a crisis (again, and congratulations on your numbers). I have to ask myself once more, which of these people is the comedian, and which of them the joke?

When one expects regular application of reading material, one learns to identify and speak clearly regarding instances of such application.

"For it is the sycophant who blurs all negatives, obliterates opposition, and obfuscates reality."

Thank you for teaching.

Ending with this because it sparked a memory. (To answer the question - herpes. The parody vid went a bit Kanye.)

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