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What fits better than 'snippet?'

Whoa, study material! The red hair is meant to be striking in a cast of all black-haired people, but dang, this makes me wonder what the gaps in the translation are leaving out. There's only so much I can catch at speed right now. (Pause button! Can't recognize 告退 or 臣妾 on sight yet, but the context helps to solidify the audibles.) For 郎世宁, it's likely easy enough to find a Western actor who can speak the language, but would they do so instead of using a 同胞 in makeup and contact lenses? (Mouth movements in comparison to audible dialogue = uh-uh.)

I'm also picking up something that ties to 五毛 types - in both this and the other series I just finished in the feed, it's the attendants who seem to say what the boss is likely thinking, but can't speak out about because dIpLoMaCy. (Speaking of, what dialogue is there, fratello? Laughing at 痴话 translation and moving it for the fit. Better add these in too.) Whether what they say is true or not, they're the ones who catch any flack. (Laughing at the 'OMG she said it' face.) Also noting both series' similar and more blatant usage of flower symbols - not just having them in the scene or on costumes and props, but with dialogue to express their specific meanings. (Sure is hot out today. Hah! Not at speed, but without vid CC or dictionary!)

If the stated aim is to increase the number of interactions with 皇上 (dictionary let me count the ways!), then the quarters assigned is more likely to reduce that number when 皇上 would rather visit elsewhere and 皇后不喜欢她. (If x上, then x后.) 皇后不慈心, 也有撒谎. (Seriously, bracelets.) Dude! Called it, and it was in a translation gap! And aww, I like reverse spoilers. Wait - is there 15 minutes off each instance of study material for the 英语 subtitled set? No? Why just the one?

Adding this for people being ridiculous about the green text bubble, and this for I wonder why Meph dropped the motto.

Ending with this because d'aww.

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