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Snippet 12/4

Yeesh, detachment is evident when the only thing a visitor prompts is the question of how heavy traffic is going to be. And it's "towel," not "cowl." (No towel. No. Beh-heh-heh.) Ack, OK, more than a snippet.

Adding this summary of the situation from water supplies (水's only one character; linking requires at least two) to 金融家 to 加油. (Still there, 微软.)

Adding this for давай.

Adding this and alluding, but not linking, to how the home fires are burning.

Adding congratulations, but I'm still calling it soccer.

If one has to be held to account for unconstitutional actions, so too should another. I'm angry that helpful information was discarded because it came from a particular source, but I'm gladder than ever knowing I didn't vote for him.

By the way, do better, Junction Dweller - that was a hedge worthy of any politician, but I thought you lot had learned by now that readers deserve better than gaslighting.

Speaking of, moving this look at a result that I'm almost glad to see. (Going by JD's work, drop the almost.) Looking forward to better. (Will continue to spotlight what isn't.)

Note to self: nine of 4, six of 3. Nine is a stretch in a month-ish.

Ending with this because it's new to me.

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