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Snippet 2/19

Opera. Bleh. Isn't there meant to be some significance to the makeup, the way there is for the colors of specific costumes? Because this study material looks decidedly light on the facepaint. Still bleh.

Adding this because it's utterly "ridiculous." These too because - condolences, but blatant. Adding this as well because I listened to a replay of that interview, and even when the interviewee got repetitive in talking points, I've heard politicians with heavier struggles.

Adding these for vocab 加拿大, 台湾; 日本.

Adding this article on messing with the toy as a reminder that AI output which sounds like a moody little man-child who might take a hammer to his jawline if he can pull himself away from the ponies has showed up in mass communication long before that tech was developed in the first place. There was a TV show that dealt with supernatural intervention and an episode specifically involving computers, in which one character had a line to the effect of - it's not the technology; it's the human behind it. (Not the shippy one with the brothers, for heaven's sake; go further back. Yes, my back's fine, thanks.) If the human behind that technology is one step from dropping half of passive aggressive, that human's got bigger problems than any degree can fix; and if AI's basing its responses on what humans expect based on what AI's heard, read, and seen, Majel has a way to go yet.

Adding this because I, for one, wouldn't shield if I could the person the writer of this piece wants to deflect attention onto. I expect he'll face what he's meant to far sooner than Shady Pines ever will, thanks in part to what people like that writer "represent."

Acknowledging, but not linking to - weary is what one gets after exercise; wary is what one gets after exposure to humans. If there's one thing meme sweatshops could at least get right, one would think it would be cats. (Though to be fair, now and again, weary does also apply.)

Ending with this because language re-acquisition yay! (Not yea.)

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