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Snippet 2/2

I always associate this show with 普通话在法国, but I think I caught a mention of 德国 in there as well. 什么在他的手? Aww, 皇后的弟弟吗? 对, 她的弟弟! Hang on - 对, 是他 works as well, I think. Kanus'a man to sya ni-adto?

Got to find that mystery - it's not the first time I've seen a fictional work use a body's own defenses against a person, but I recently caught another that turned an allergy, bee stings in this case, into a weapon. The first that sticks in my memory, which I've yet to hunt down, was a stage prop coated with cooking oil.

There's a difference between weaponizing an allergy and "weaponizing" proof of what Shady Pines and his nepo baby have done. (Is Puff-Don't-Pass supposed to be peak performance? Because one would find it difficult to say so of such behavior in any stage of life. Acknowledging, but not linking to, information with which I categorize that boy right next to Human Trafficker はげ in the infamy they've earned.) Tangent - since different reports categorize the number of instances at either four or five, I wonder if I should put Shady Pines down for six at this point.

Adding this for 豺狼 - since it's not 政权 in this case, is there a term for cryptobro? Vocab 柬埔寨, 缅甸, 老挝.

Adding this because thanks for the laugh, fratello - retiring yet?

Ending with this because yum, although sauce and egg on a crispy coat?

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