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Running Commentary 2/21

Maybe it's because of the time in which this show's set, but my back's tensing at the expected answer to 他们在哪里, even with the goofy music. Dude, what is with that thing on his head? (什么在他的头? NB: head and hairstyle use the same 汉字. I wonder if I have to use another term to specify "on" or "around," or if 在's enough - I tend to translate it as "located at.") Dude? WHAT IS WITH THE HAND CRANK AND ELECTRIC BUZZING SOUND EFFECT? prices on news broadcast study material? "四百" 是什么, weights or cost? (Adding this for 葱 size. 血和骨?) Anong nakabigla? (One 汉字 can hold a hyperlink? Good to know. Repeated tests check whether or not the pattern holds. Noting that the vid's especially interesting because of the different methods demonstrated throughout the process.) 普通话在法国 highlights the importance of keeping up one's guard. 他的名字是李飞, 对吗? I know it's prop 血, but it's so blatantly prop 血. Oh dear... 李飞的父亲是什么男人, or just investigation notes that are prop 血 fuchsia pink? 说对, 女人! 她说了对! (No, I'm not sure if I'm saying it right; I'm cheering them on anyway!) Dude, WTS, Brick Chick? Allergic Boy went through cats for you, and I'm not literate enough to know if I should be cheering for you or not! Uh-oh... 他的母亲说了 "我不比你们." Uh... literate enough to say oh, crap. Yeah, I need a rerun to check the dialogue again. Nevertheless - oh, crap. 台湾 和 日本 の 薬屋 warnings?

One of these things is not like the others... (Links to info on the entities behind the PDF.) Since the environment is such a heavy concern, it's only fitting to add these articles too.

Adding these articles to wonder if this move will ease IP issues for the company in question. I haven't found any instances tied to that specific company, though the search turned up plenty of other examples. (What, just smart enough to outsource R&D? Once is an accident, twice a coincidence...)

Ending with this because I'm wondering about candling.

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